New Year... let's start it with a bang!

It's hard to believe that a new year is almost upon us... so my friends at Blog Hoppin' and I decided to start the year off right--with a SALE!  Everything in my store will be 20% off  on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!!  

Plus, we're getting ready to share our new years goals Jan. 1st through Jan. 5th.  Be sure to link up!

Show Us What You Bought Linky Party!!

I’m joining with my friends over at Blog Hoppin’ for Show Us What You Bought!!  I know I had a blast checking out products by my favorite teacher authors… and I’m sure I will add a few more items to my cart after reading through this linky party!  (Just don’t forget to use the code CYBER to add to the deal.)

First up, I had to snag this adorable Magic Elf Activity and Writing Pack from the AMAZING Kerri B!  I can’t wait to try this with my kiddos… I know they will eat it up!!  I may have to go back and get her Merry Christmas Magic Elf Literacy and Math Stations to go with it!

I absolutely love the products from Deedee Wills!  I’m excited about her Listen Up station with reading response.   All of her sets are so thorough, and I know this will be no different!

The lovely Kim Adsit created Math Attack sets… perfect for differentiated math fact practice.  I can’t wait to add these to my work stations!!

I also picked up Maps and Globes for Little Kids from Cindy Feeney (aka Kinder Kay).  This is one of our upcoming units in Social Studies, and this looks like the perfect way to introduce it!

If you know me, you know I couldn’t pass a sale day without grabbing some incredible clipart from two of my favorites… Ashley Hughes and Krista Wallden

Don’t forget to link up your favorite finds with all of us at Blog Hoppin’—HAPPY SHOPPING!!

Deck the Halls with a BIG SALE... fa la la la la la la la la!!

Yes, it's true... I am singing a bit--the BIG sale is coming!  It will be an amazing 2 days of deals and most sellers' stores will be on sale... including mine!!
Thank you Amy for this adorable button!!
My wishlist has been growing... be sure to check back tomorrow as my friends at Blog Hoppin' and I share our favorite purchases! 
Some time today I also have to head back to "My Purchases" to see if I have any products that still need feedback.  This is the perfect way to get free stuff--and who doesn't like free stuff!?  Plus, it really makes hearts beam when we read fabulous feedback!!! 
In fact, I figured I would share some of my favorite feedback:
 "This is fabulous!! Love all the details, like the country signs, the little passport stickers, etc. So much fun!!! Plus, you've done all the work!! All I have to do is find the time to fit it all in! A++ "
"Great activities and resources to implement them. Students will not only be motiviated by the activities, but the passport stamps they receive for completing each one! "
"LOVE these fresh ideas!! Love the 100 second challenges - just what I was looking for to spruce up my 100th day celebration :) "
"This game is great practice for our struggling to read kinders at the end of the year, and I bet it will work great for all students at the beginning and middle of the year! Thanks!"
"Loved this! It is a wonderful way to keep track of student progress/data. The kids loved it, also! They used it to keep track of their own progress. The last day of school they chose to "test" to see if they could meet one last goal rather than having recess. Wow!"
Hope you find some great deals... don't forget to check back on Monday evening to share your best buys!!

Turkey Talk!

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner... here's a little CVC game my kiddos will be playing!!  I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!

Thankful for YOU Giveaway!!

We are having an A-MAZING giveaway over at Blog Hoppin'--you don't want to miss it!!  

PLUS, every winner will receive all 36 of these packs!! 

Hurry... the giveaway ends on Sunday!

We are THANKFUL Week at Blog Hoppin!!

All the authors of Blog Hoppin' are truly thankful for our incredible followers!! Hop over there to read all the ideas and join the linky parties.  I'm helping host today...where I share about a new idea I tried this year--FREEBIES included too! 

Fall Feature GIVEAWAY at Blog Hoppin'!!

Have you headed to Blog Hoppin' yet!?  

19 Fall packs are up for grabs from 14 fabulous Blog Hoppin' authors!!  Only one more day to go... be sure to enter today!

Fall FEATURES at Blog Hoppin'

Have you been checking out all the amazing Fall FEATURE posts at Blog Hoppin'? 

We are featuring some of our favorite fall products--October 15th through October 25th!!  So start HERE and join the fun!  I know you'll find some great ideas to add more FUN to your FALL!

PS  Be sure to check out Saturday, October 26th--where I'll feature a brand new product!  


Thank you to my friend, Kerri for her adorable button!

INCREDIBLE news... TpT has hit 100,000 likes on Facebook!! They are having a FLASH sale--use the code FB100K to get an extra 10% off.  Plus, my entire store is 20% off--which means 28% off EVERYTHING!!  
I can't wait to pick up a few items from my wishlist... HAPPY Shopping!  

Back to School SALE... 28% off at TpT!!

The Back to School SALE is finally here!! I've been working on my wishlist... and I'm sure you have too!  You can snag your favorite items for 28% off--just make sure you use the code, BTS13.  

I'm joining Christina Bainbridge for a fun "yearbook style" linky... Best and Most!

My Teacher's Pet is Holidays Around the World... it's my best seller and BY FAR my students' favorite activity each year!!

Most Likely to Help Your Students succeed is my Data Notebook and Data Wall... over 250 pages to track your students' progress through the year!

Be sure to check out everyone's superlatives over at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge!

For me, Back to School time is also about making goals--for myself and for my students!  As I've been looking around cyberspace for BTS ideas, these are some of the goals I've seen most--what are your goals for the school year??  I'll be sharing my goals (and my SENSATIONAL 600 Giveaway next week!!)

Teacher Week '13: Taming the Wild Thursday!

How do I, "tame the wild"?  What strategies do I use for classroom management?  Click here to head to Blog Hoppin' to find out!  

Teacher Week '13: Classroom Digs Tuesday!

It's Day 2 of Teacher Week '13! 

Here's this week's schedule:
Today I went to school for the first time for our first day of Kindergarten Round-Up.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this little sign posted outside my door:
Could it be?  Have the little Classroom Set-Up fairies really done their magic??  

Well, not so much....  
Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me--lucky it's FUN work!  I just love creating our learning environment each August--and although there are common elements, I never quite do it the exact same way.   So, stay tuned and I'll be updating you as I build our home away from home.  

Be sure to hop over to Blog Hoppin' to share your classroom OR just check out all the wonderful classroom ideas already posted!

Teacher Week '13: Let's Talk About Me Monday!

YEAH!  It's Teacher Week '13 at Blog Hoppin' and my fellow Blog Hoppin' authors are excited to share another week of FUN with you... best part is, you get to join us by linking up each day!!

Here's this week's schedule:

OK, so here we go... get ready for some RANDOM facts about me!

1. You already know that I'm married to the most amazing man!  We just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this July.  We love to laugh together, and even celebrated our wedded bliss with kazoos!!  We truly laughed our way out of the church at the "beautiful" music created by our closest family and friends.  

2.  The other thing that keeps me smiling is my sweet 4 year old.   She is SO excited to be starting pre school this year... can't believe how time flies!  We had so many fun adventures this summer (school starts for teachers in only 2 short weeks) including building her own pizza and sharing her rock collection, "Mommy, here is my rock collection. I put acorns there in case the squirrels come take a look."

3.  I think GREEN is the absolute best color... in fact, I'm sure you can guess my favorite flavor of ice cream--mint chocolate chip, of course!!

4.  Popcorn is my favorite snack!  It not only tastes delicious, but it's so much fun to make.  Now, I'm not talking about microwave or hot air-- make sure you do it up right with an oil popper!!!  I use 3 TB of oil and 3/4 cups of popcorn.  Yum!!

5.  My favorite drink is tea--both sweet tea and hot tea (but not herbal teas)! My favorite flavor is Constant Comment... wonder if that speaks to my ability to chat!?  

6.  I led online collaborative projects for many years.  It's just another way to connect with other classrooms across the country.  One of my favorite projects was Ollie's Travels.  It's based on a true story of a dog named Owney who traveled with the US Postal Service back in the 1800's.  During the last year of the project, Ollie raced his "brother" Oscar to see who could travel to the most states first. 

7. I love to dance!  I started dancing back in kindergarten and continued ballet and pointe through high school.  As an adult, being a goof ball dancer awarded me the title "reggae queen" on our honeymoon!  

8.  Kindergarten was also the time when I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  It's funny, I never strayed from that path.  I think it all leads back to my amazing teacher, Mrs. Hengeler (who I had for kindergarten and 2nd grade).  Her love of teaching was evident every day!!

9.  She is probably also the reason I LOVE books.  Like many teachers, I am a children's book collector and connoisseur!  My classroom library is one of my favorite places in my room.  

10.  I'll leave you with a fun little tid bit!  My great, great, great, great, great uncle, George Yount, was the first person to plant grapes in the Napa Valley.  There's even a town named for him--Yountville.  I earned 5th place in the National History Day competition back in 8th grade for my project based on his life.  So, the next time you're kicking back and enjoying a glass of wine... you'll know who to thank! :)

Be sure to hop over to Blog Hoppin' and tell us all about YOU!


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