I don't know about you, but I love a good snow day!!  (ha, ha... yes, I know you love them too!)  We didn't get much of the white stuff here in VA, but it was enough for a day to play at home.  My sweetie and I even built this mini snowman.  FUN!
I also wanted to tell you about something school related--our SHARE class.  This is the 2nd year my friend Kelly and I have led this class.  SHARE stands for Staff Have Awesome Resources for Each other... and essentially it's a great collaborative group for sharing ideas and resources monthly with other K-1 teachers in our district.  

One fun thing we do at each month's class is offer a "goodie"... you know how teachers LOVE a goodie!  :o)    We found these cute boxes and lowercase magnetic letters at Dollar Tree (SO happy to find lowercase!!). 

I made a cute little label, removed the ribbon, VOILA--a new station box!  

Here's the little game we included for our SHARE participants... 3 Ways to Play:  CVC game!!

The concept is simple, with this one set of cards... you can play 3 different ways (match the word to the picture, word to a sentence, or spell the word with magnet letters and match it to the sentence)!  There are 6 CVC words for each vowel making a total of 30 different CVC words included.  I just gave away some copies on my new Facebook page and you can win one here too--I'll pick a random number from the comments left before midnight.  :o)


  1. Love the idea of a SHARE class! Such a cute new center! I have to go find the lowercase letters!

  2. Great center !

  3. sounds great! And how lucky to find a lowercase set!

  4. Hope I get in by 12:00 your time? Love the ideas you give!

  5. I'm WAY too late, but this is a great game! Love it!

  6. Looks great!

  7. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. This looks great!



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