Back to School surprises!

Yes, tomorrow is the first day of school!!  It's so much fun now that my daughter is school-aged, because we both start school together--she's in first grade this year and I'm teaching kindergarten.

I wanted to surprise her with some goodies... so, of course, books were in order! I found these fabulous first grade stories, which you know were the perfect "night before 1st grade" reading material.  

I added in this Front of the Class book from Carson-Dellosa. I had to laugh when she noticed the grade level in the top corner... "I better get right to work, Mommy!  I want to be ready for 1st grade."

And she did!! She sharpened a pencil and went right to work--she was excited about the easy to use format and instructions that she could read independently.  With over 300 pages, this resource covers a wide variety of topics and skills.  My daughter's enthusiasm to get started was fabulous and I know she will enjoy working on various pages of this book.

I can't wait for my own students to try out these Math Interactive Notebooks!  I'm stepping up my Math instruction this year and am making my Guided Math instruction a focus.  I am incorporating interactive notebooks into our Guided Math rotation (when the other students are completing Math Work Stations)--and this will be the perfect addition.

I was impressed with the easy to cut pages and rubrics too. Check out this resource!

Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received these products for free to review.

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It's About That Time Again!!

It's about that time again....
If you've been following me on Instagram, you know that I'm starting to get everything ready for back to school.  A fresh coat of paint. Breaking out the sewing machine. Dusting off the personal laminator.  These are just a few of the ways we get prepared for the new year.

We just got the "all clear", so I'll be heading into my classroom for the first time next week.  Woo, hoo!!!  Let the decorating begin! 

As you can probably tell by looking at the picture above--I love a good rainbow!  In fact, I've used RAINBOW as my color pallet for the past few years... and I still love it!!  I was super excited to see Carson-Dellosa's Colorful Chalkboard decor items.  Perfect for my colorful classroom!!

I just LOVE the EZ Letters... they are pre-punched!  How many times have you tried punching out other letter sets to inadvertently tear one in the process (I know it's not just me!)? The letters are in a wide variety of coordinating colors and designs. The number of each letter is even indicated on the front--yes, this makes my organizational heart go pitter, patter!!

Check out these border strips!  Yes, they are double sided... love that!!  Only problem is deciding which side to go with--luckily, it's a win-win.
I already have plans for these two adorable charts. Our school's mascot is the eagle and we celebrate students each month who demonstrate SOAR behavior.  The chart on the left will be a wonderful way to highlight students with their name and photos. 

I've already got my sneaker ready for the chart on the right. I'm going to laminate it and add Velcro.  I'll add all the places our class visits in the building to create a "Where Are We?" chart which will hang outside our door. Velcro will make it super easy for our "caboose" to move the sneaker to our current location when we are on the go!  

Don't you just love the coordinating calendar too!?  Yes, the 31st of August is our 1st day of school. It's the first time our district has ever started school before Labor Day!!
I'm looking forward to heading into my classroom this coming week--and bringing these colorful goodies with me!  I absolutely love the Colorful Chalkboard items I received... and this isn't even everything!  Check this out:

Soon I'll be able to show you how these look in my room... but until then, which C-D theme is your favorite?

Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.


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